Christmas in July? Why not?

What is the origin of Christmas in July?

The precise origin of celebrating Christmas in July is still not very clear.

The common belief is that the Christmas celebration in July started in Europe around the 80s, to enjoy Christmas in summer. Since Australia (and similar countries) falls under the southern hemisphere, the inhabitants of these countries have adopted the concept for the exact opposite reason – allowing them to experience Christmas in winter instead.

Another widespread explanation connects this unique tradition with ‘Yulefest’ which is said to originate in 1980. It’s being told that a group of Irish tourists went on a vacation in Sydney’s Blue Mountains and celebrated like it was Christmas. The ceremony was an instant success as the proprietor saw a potential customer base, by welcoming more visitors to this unique festival during the time of Australian winter. The idea of being able to enjoy two Christmas in the same year became a popular technique to attract tourists ever since.

When exactly this summer Christmas is celebrated?

While it’s widely observed on the 25th of July, you’ll find Christmas in July sales and events throughout the whole month in Australia and New Zealand. However, in the USA and Canada, it is observed on 12th or 15th July – depending on the region.

The term could have originated in France in the late 18th century

Most probably, the origin of the term ‘Christmas in July’ can be dated way back to 1892. A famous French opera named Werther included a scene where a group of children rehearses a Christmas carol in July; where one of the characters responded, “If you sing Christmas in July, you rush the season.”

The Vaudeville performers took the chance

Around 1915, a group of Vaudeville performers would gather in one of their summer colonies in Long Island with the intention to celebrate Christmas on the 4th of July. The reason behind this was, summer was the only offseason for them. During the winter, especially in December, there was no time to celebrate as most performers were on the road during that time of year. This meant they were away from their family and friends, often spending the day on a train, in a theater, or in a hotel. So, they would wait until the summer when everyone could be together and have some fun. Makes sense!

First time it was printed on newspaper

It was 1933 when the first time the term ‘Christmas in July’ was mentioned in print media. It was an article in The Washington Post. A girls’ summer camp in North Carolina held a Yuletide celebration with a trimmed tree, gifts, and a visit by Santa Claus. The National Recreation Association’s journal, Recreation, also wrote about it in 1935, describing it as “all mystery and Wonder surround this annual event.”

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"I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six. Mother took me to see him in a department store and he asked me for my autograph."
~ Shirley Temple

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