The Story Of Princess Gidget

An excerpt from the book Origin Of Love ~ Don Dunnam

"A neighbor of mine worked at an animal shelter that was closing its doors. They were successful in finding placement for all the animals they had except for forty-two mixed cats and dogs. If the placement of these animals was not found soon then they were going to be terminated! She begged me and anyone who would listen, to help with even just one. I protested as I lived in a small apartment and worked a lot. But she got the better of me and I decided to go and have a look.

Most of the cats and dogs were in an open bay area. I walked in, sat on the floor and this amazing dog stepped into my life! Workers' jaws dropped as this dog did not go anywhere near men. I had been chosen! Her eyes and fur coat matched in a cooper color of brown. She was already three years old and her name was Gidget so being that old I did not feel I should change her name.

A pughuahua or chug are the names describing her breed because she is a cross between a chihuahua and a pug. The most kind and sweetest disposition of any animal anywhere. She never barks except if someone is at the door and shows emotion easily. She cuddles and kisses but one day after work I got home and found a mess on the floor. I made the mistake of yelling at her. I went about cleaning the mess up, and when I looked up at her – she was watching me – crying! Real tears flowing down her snout! I never did that again.

The accidents continued to happen, so I decided to take her to the veterinarian. She was allergic to many things in store-bought dog food! The doctor printed out a recipe for homemade dog food using ground turkey, brown rice, vegetables, and chicken broth. Problem solved! She would still get the occasional upset stomach but nowhere near where she was. Who needs a dating life when you now have a best friend."


Since that story was written, she/we have had an amazing life! She is the most loving and tender dog I have ever known. She would always shy away from any kind of human contact with her except for myself. Or in the least, take some time for her to be comfortable. Until this man stepped into our lives ~ again ~ she made a choice! She allowed him to pet her and they rapidly became best of friends! 

We moved to Vermont to be with him. This was her first taste of being off the leash, running freely on a 70 acre farm and she couldn't get enough of the exploration! This photo was taken at a koi pond where she discovered what a frog was. The amazing part is that the frog instinctively knew she was not going to harm it. They said their hellos, the frog jumped off into the pond, she watched, then just turned and walked away.

A few years later there were feral kittens discovered in the barn. For the longest time, they would run away as soon as they heard us entering the barn. But she was persistent in wanting to know who/what they were. Over the period of a few weeks, they were getting brave enough to show themselves to her. Then the craziest thing happened!! They became friends and would play together!!

There was a grey and a black kitten. Once, the black kitten did not feel very well and you could tell by its sneezing. By this time, we had started putting grain out for them to eat. The ill kitten was not up to eating. Gidget walked over to it, grabbed it by the scruff of its neck, and carried it to the food bowl! A natural mother's instinct!

Friends started calling her a "Princess" because she is selective what human she will allow to receive attention from, besides the special diet she requires. So the idea was born to give her a Facebook page. Just look up Princess Gidget and you will find her adventures. (

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