The Theme Today Is Penthouses

Red Spotty Ladybirds Butterflies and Bees

My beautiful flower garden
high up in the sky
is my penthouse apartment
overlooking the sea
With balconies facing
in every direction
and wonderful views
that set my soul free
In ornamental pots
of various sizes
I grow roses
and love in the mist
with lavenders
and clematis
too many to list
Often stray seeds
are blown by the winds
sweet violets
blue forget me nots
these are but a few
taking root in my pots
as they hit the high spots
But many surprises
reach for the sky
Such as slugs
and snails
but no puppy dog tails
Whilst hover flies hover
for an afternoon snack
Red spotty ladybirds
butterflies and bees
Mother Nature’s creatures ~ all of these
bring my balconies alive
as sustenance they seek
for when their thirst is sated
and they are fully gorged
and basking in the midday sun
oh such a treat for me to see
each and every one
During autumn
such works of art
are spider’s webs a golden hue
as beams of light from early sun
make twinkling diamonds
on morning dew
and sunbeams glisten through
But when
     and how
                   did they arrive
upon my balconies six floors high
     did they walk
             or did they fly
or were they dropped down from the sky
from a passing seagull flying by
My beautiful haven with spectacular views
No lovelier place to reside could I choose
~ Ann Gilmour

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