What is a "patteetechian"?

We had a visitor (we don't like the term customer because we are all in this together) to Pattee Tech, email us saying that they loved the products they purchased and their experience with us, followed by stating they are now a "patteetechian". Love, love, love this!


We have been approved to affiliate with several prominent platforms such as, Amazon, Walmart, Kohls, CostCo, Etsy, Sears, LTD Commodities and many more!! We will be moving toward this new platform within the next month.
This means a wider range of products and faster shipping times for you! So keep those email product suggestions coming and we will try and find what you need and stock them for you!
Love yall and stay safe!

patteetech@gmail.com               www.patteetech.com

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