Cheese Storage Bags

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  • CHEESE STORAGE: Don't let your cheese spoil by using sandwich bags, produce bags or plastic bags that are made with non porous materials. Ensure that your cheese maintains freshness and flavor for longer with a freshness extender bag from Formaticum that is porous and ideal for any cheese lover.
  • SAVE YOUR CHEESE: There is nothing worse than seeing your brie, manchego, camembert or mozzarella dry out because you've used the wrong food storage bags. Our reusable storage bags are the ideal cheese saver that are similar to a cheesecloth bag in that they let the cheese breath for prolonged freshness.
  • KEEPS YOUR CHEESE FRESH: Unlike some paper bags or plastic wrap, the porous design of our cheese paper storage bags allow your cheese to breathe while retaining ample humidity to keep moisture in, keep fresh, and prevent it from drying out.
  • LET CHEESE BREATH: These reusable food storage bags are ready to be replaced when butterfat stains begin to appear prominently on the wax paper sheets. When that happens, just switch out the wax bag for a new one. There are 15 wax paper bags in total and each one is printed with "Cheese" and "Date" so labeling the contents is easy and clear.
  • VIVE LE FROMAGE: Each paper bag is professional grade and manufactured in France specifically for cheese storage. Good cheese needs premium cheese bags. Keep your cheese fresh with a wax paper bag that regulates humidity and ensures it is neither too moist or too dry. Our small paper bags for cheese are 6.25” x 11”.