Door Anchor Strap For Resistance Exercise

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  • 😉Hi, to save your precious time, please read the following suggestions to understand our products, you will definitely be interested in it.
  • 👉GYM——This set of equipment can complete 80% gym exercise, making it the ideal home gym. Such as lift, push, pull, plank, squat, lunge, flying, boating, etc. Full body exercise: head, shoulders, chest, waist, abdomen, buttocks, legs, hands, forearms, triceps, biceps etc.
  • 👉USES——Suitable for all people, a variety of uses of different intensities: women's shaping and weight loss, men's physical training, the elderly stay healthy, the patient's physical rehabilitation.
  • 👉EASY——Easy to install, use and carry. No tools, no punching, exercise anytime, anywhere. Suitable for indoor and outdoor, whether you are at home, office or travel, you can also exercise in a hotel room, which is a perfect solution.
  • 👉QUALITY——Only premium materials can support powerful functions. This is the 4th "Door Anchor" series product developed by us. We have combined the suggestions of the market and customers, to continuously improve and upgrade the product function structure, and replace the higher quality materials during 1 year, to ensure product quality.