Grocery/Shopping Bag Carrier Holds Up To 80lbs Each - 2 Pack

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About this item

  • With these holder handle it makes it a lot easier to carry multiple groceries bags at one time up flights of stairs or anywhere without hurting your own hands.
  • No more sore fingers! Super strong, this grocery bag gripper can hold up to 80lbs, perfect for use with your sturdy reusable grocery bags.
  • These handles allow you to shop while playing with your mobile phone, making it easier to wait for the bus or traffic lights You can also easily reach the parking lot Easily open the door of the home
  • Help the elderly or patients with long nails, finger arthritis, or inconvenient fingers.Easy to lift your bags, grocery bags, industrial bucket carrier, shopping bag and more.
  • You can use it in supermarket shopping, home, warehouse, office, outdoor or construction site. It can also be used when moving items.