Heated Shoulder Wrap Brace

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About this item

  • FAST HEATING FUNCTION: This shoulder heating pad uses 7.9V/1A power supply, heating within 1 minute, unique short-circuit protection, over-protection design. The shoulder massage heating pad can support the shoulders and perform heat treatment. The inner bladder adopts flexible heating wire, which heats up quickly, folds, and is anti-aging.
  • SELF-CONTROLLING TEMPERATURE: The rotator cuff-wrapped shoulder strap has a power adjustment function. The user can adjust the temperature of the rotator cuff-wrapped shoulder strap by adjusting the power voltage button. You can adjust the temperature to a temperature that suits you according to your needs. The adjustment is quick and convenient. Practical design.
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE: This shoulder massager can be worn by men and women. It can adjust the pressure according to your needs, provide customized comfortable compression, and easily adjust the sling to the length and comfortable position you want. The shoulder massager helps relieve joint pain and relax the stiff, sore muscles around the shoulders and neck.
  • NOTE: Do not apply the heated area directly to the skin. You can use a towel, cloth or bed sheet as the interface between the product and the skin. Shoulder support is very suitable for torn rotator cuffs, dislocated AC joints, sprains, paralysis, strains, stiffness, soreness, etc.
  • SAFE LOW VOLTAGE AND OVERHEAT PROTECTION: The heating sleeve shoulder strap uses an AC adapter as a power source, and the 1.5m cord length minimizes the limit of the range of motion. The heating sleeve shoulder strap provides you with safe low-voltage and overheating protection, and the built-in temperature sensor will automatically cut off the power when the set value is exceeded.