Natural Wood Insect Hotel

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  • The insect nest box provide a safe environment where garden creatures can shelter, hibernate and lay their eggs, the insect house can also keep insects from entering your warm room.
  • The insect hotel makes it easy to find and observe fascinating creatures. the butterfly, bees and ladybugs can use this product as habitat.
  • Dry wood and Bamboo can be home to many insects such as ladybirds and lacewings which eat aphids and help keep your plants pest-free. the insect hotel improve the growth of plants in your yard by attracting beneficial insects.
  • The iron design on the top can keep the insect house from rainwater. Let the insect house have a longer useful life and make the insects more comfortable.
  • If you only have a balcony or yard, the hanging garden shelter is ideal as it provides a choice of suitable habitats in a small area.