Origin of Love ~ Autobiography

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This is a story of a life in the midwest. Persevering through physical, emotional, and mental abuses all the while hoping to discover what love was or meant. An only child partially raised by an alcoholic step-father and a loving albeit scared step-mother/aunt. The child was raised in rented farmhouses so that 'people' could not see the bruises. The step-father continually lost jobs because of alcohol, but always moved to other farms in different towns. Never farmers, just secluded pawns in his life of control. The child's story - my story - continues through school where friendships were pointless, waiting for the next move there was no point. Nine and a half years of active duty US Army, seven years of marriage with a beautiful daughter, and then a transition of discovering that who or what I was buried deep inside - wasn't that bad after all. This is a rollercoaster story of laughter through tears, joy through pain, and always thinking I knew what love was, but never really did. Until it found me. In summary, it is a story of finding life in love and love through life's challenges. I wanted to put this out to anyone who has or is experiencing any form of abuse. It took me way too long to discover that love can only find you when you are the love you give.

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