Spleash Dog Water Bottle With Flip-Open Cup & Squirt Feature

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  • INNOVATIVE DOG WATER BOTTLE: Our patented dog water bottle attaches to almost any standard sized leash (Nylon, Rope, & Leather – Flat or Round). Simply squeeze the buttons on the side, pull out the locking mechanism, insert your leash, and slide the locking mechanism back into place until you hear a "click". (Note: Leash is not included)
  • DURABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Built to manage the toughest pullers, our ergonomic grip handle holds up to 12 fl oz of refreshing drinking water to hydrate your dog on hikes, runs, and long walks. No need to carry multiple items, such as bulky portable dog water bottles or dispensers that require foldable or collapsible travel dog bowls.
  • FLIP-OPEN DRINKING CUP: Easily flip open the cup, remove the plug, and slowly tilt Spleash downward for a constant flow of water while your pup hydrates. Or, for a quick, more controlled refresh, just flip open the cup and squeeze the built-in squirt trigger 10-15 times. Some dogs even like drinking directly from the spray, too!
  • MULTI-USE SQUIRT FEATURE: The squirt feature not only helps to quickly fill the drinking cup, but when the drinking cup is in the closed position, you can spray water up to 14 feet. Great for playing with your dog, cooling them off on hot summer days, or cleaning their paws after hikes before getting back into the car or house.