Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter With Protective Cover

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  • WHAT IS A PIZZA WHEEL? A handheld pizza cutter tool that cuts… pizza (thin and thick crusts!). The round shape and non-slip gray handle allows for greater balance, control and comfort while cutting. This razor sharp pizza wheel cutter cuts more than just pizza. Use it to slice through cakes, cookies, bars, veggies, cheese or even… chicken or meat in a neat, efficient manner.
  • IS IT EASY TO USE? Definitely! Open the red protective silicon cover, bend it over the gray plastic casing, and click into place. Hold the round pizza cutter in your dominant hand. Glide the stainless steel blade over your pizza and enjoy perfect slices, every time! After each use, slide the silicon guard back over the blade for safe storage.
  • AS COMPACT AS CAN POSSIBLY BE… This compact handheld pizza cutter is lightweight, durable, and easy to store. The silicon blade guard protects the razor sharp blade from dulling and prevents unwanted nicks. It’s sharp enough to act as a knife when camping and small enough to take along when traveling. LAH Kitchen round pizza cutter is suitable for right or left-handed use.
  • COMES APART FOR EASY WASHING – A pizza slicer that’s easy to clean. The handle, blade, and protective cover can be taken apart so you can wash each piece thoroughly. Hold the blade by the red middle circle to prevent cuts. Pizza wheel’s all clean? Click all the pieces back together and your pizza cutter is as good as new!