Stylish Kitchen Torch

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  • SAFE AND DURABLE. The power of the flame in this baking torch is regulated by a special button. The texture of the metal coating, light weight (123 g) and dimensions (133×45×30 mm) of butane torch protect against burns.
  • FUNCTIONAL. Kitchen torches for cooking have rotatable and fire vents, ignition button and different flame settings. This high quality reusable food torch for cooking is suitable for desserts, grill, cigars, and soldering.
  • FOR PROFESSIONALS. Fast, powerful windproof flame and strong & high temperature resistance of the butane torch lighter is suitable for cooking any dish. Achieve the perfect result with this torch adjustable.
  • STYLISH DESIGN. Due to attractive appearance, mini torch looks good in any interior. This torch lighters butane refillable is for intensive use in apartments, cafés, restaurants, homes. It will be a gift for anyone who likes to spend time in the kitchen.
  • MULTIPURPOSE. This lighter torch is easy to use for caramelizing creme brulee sugar crust, singeing steaks or meringues, melting cheese on toast and other similar tasks. The Culinary torch has all declarations of conformity (if necessary).
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